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The Tester 2 winner featured in pre-job interview

The US PlayStation Blog has posted an interview with the winner of SCEA's downloadable reality show competition, The Tester 2. Needless the say, the following video is a spoiler, so don't look at it if you want to finish the show for yourself. Oooh, you already looked, didn't you?

Appearing weeks after the final episode aired on PSN, the video features an interview between Sony's Brent Gocke and Matthew Brown (aka “Gaymer”), The Tester 2 contestant who beat out 11 other gaming hopefuls for a $5,000 prize, Sony gear, and a gig as Quality Assurance Tester at SCEA's San Diego Studios (yay?).

The Tester 2 was quite possibly the Citizen Kane of downloadable reality shows, so it's nice to take a look back before the next batch of hopefuls via for the chance to sit in a cubicle testingthe next greatparty game compilation.

Knee-jerk cynicism aside,the show did make forgood entertainment, and Matthew Brown was one of the its most deserving competitors. And after reading the post's list of current industry icons who started as game testers, I'm also hoping Sony considers opening up the Tester 3 to Canadians. You know, for some real competition.

Jan 5, 2011

[Source: PlayStation Blog.US]

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