The Terraria x Factorio sandbox game dreamed up by automation nerds everywhere finally exists and is off to a great start on Steam

Screenshot from AutoForge's reveal trailer.
(Image credit: Siege Games)

AutoForge is the newest indie game on Steam to mash together two hyper-popular ideas, mixing Terraria's side-scrolling exploration with Factorio's intense management.

Released into early access earlier this week, on March 27, AutoForge casts players as a mechanical golem called Otto who wakes up one day to an abandoned world with all of his ancient masters missing. It's then up to us to seek out answers across a world that blends procedural generation with some bespoke areas.

Unlike Terraria or similar side-scrolling games, you won't just be trekking left and right. You'll need to burrow underground and build toward the skies in order to find what you're looking for. "Build an automated factory reaching up to the sky and deep underground, uncover a vast world filled with wonder and danger, upgrade yourself with ancient technologies, and defend it all from enemy attack," the game's Steam page reads. 

Once you’ve properly built up a home base, it's time to bash enemies with swords, blasters, and even your very own auto-defense system. An auto-defense versus auto-defense face-off, if you will. A "massive technology tree," or skill tree, is another form of progression, alongside meticulously hammering away at a factory. 

AutoForge is already sitting pretty with a "Very Positive" reception based on current Steam user reviews. That rating should only improve as developer Siege Games adds more content over the game's early access tenure, which is estimated to last "one to two years." The developer says that a roadmap is also on its way soon.

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