The Sims 2 University graduates

It was always coming, sure as day follows night, sure as seagulls follow trawlers, sure as all odd number Star Trek movies are awful. With the original Sims on PC undergoing more expansions than Andy 'The Viking' Fordham, everyone knew that it would be The Sims 2's turn soon. And here is it: The Sim 2 University.

Your little chap can choose from 11 different degrees and will go through a full US-style education complete with annoying NPC roommates, frat house parties and part-time jobs. Your goal is obviously to become the top spod on campus by thinking, drinking and flirting your way to the top of the class. And once you've achieved academic excellence then four more career paths will be opened up in the main Sims 2 game. Which, if our time at university was anything to go by, will be meat packer, data entry monkey, washer-upper and dole bludger.

The Sims 2 University will be promoted to PC in 2005