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The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff review

The Sims are too sexy for their shirts


  • New features
  • Menus are easy to use
  • Doesn't alter Sims formula


  • Just new clothes
  • Clothes are mostly women's
  • Necessary expansion?

Aug 15, 2007

This fashionista’s expansion pack gives you: clothes, three new shops to spend your simoleons in and all the tills and hangers you could want to build your own boutiques. The menus are easy-peasy to use and there are 60 new threads to play dress-up with. If your Sims are an army of fashion conscious brothers you may feel let down by the fact that the majority of clothes are for women only. Unless a badly placed hemline is enough to ruin your whole week, this add-on pack won’t change your life, just the style of your Sim’s flares.

More Info

DescriptionYour Sims look terrible! Jeans, stained t-shirts... what a mess. You need to upgrade their sense of style with this fashion-based expansion pack.
Franchise nameThe Sims
UK franchise nameThe Sims
US censor ratingTeen
Release date5 June 2007 (US), 5 June 2007 (UK)