The silly, silly faces of LA Noire

By now, most of you are well aware of the impressive facial technology in LA Noire. Painstaking motion capture, a zillion points of articulation… all that. But as breathtaking as they are to see in action, those hyper-accurate expressions leave the characters in LA Noire susceptible to the same awkwardness that’s been ruining family photo albums since the inception of the camera. Observe:

Here’s some inside baseball. We’ve spent the better part of last month capturing every nook and cranny of 1940’s Los Angeles.Our Achievements Guide, ourFive Star and Newspapers Guide,our Film Reels and Landmarks Guide,our Vehicles Guide– I trust you’ve seen them? Well, that’s basically terabytes of HD video we have to say goodbye to. But before we our LA Noire footage heads into the great digital beyond, we figured we’d have a little more fun at the expense ofone of our favorite games of 2011 (so far.)

Above: "This is how a boat sounds! PHBHBBBBBBTBTBTBTBTBTBTBTBTTT"

Above: "*hic*"

Above: "Ooooo, I love this song!"

Above: Don't look at the Ark of the Covenant!

Above: "Hold it ma'am. LAPD, Bureau of Yelling at The Elderly!"

Above: "You're not my grandson!"

Above: "This guy, ova here!"

Above: "I wanna be in the movie!"

Above: "I'm not listening to this"


Above: "So..."


Above: "C'mon..."


Above: "C'MON!"


Above: "It's a living!"

Jun 29, 2011

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