The Scott Pilgrim game that almost was...

As if we weren’t already batshit crazy over the Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - out TODAY on PlayStation Network! - we’ve now been reduced to giggle fits over what the game almost was.Comics Alliance managed to scare up this never-before-seen videothat’s supposedly a pitch to, or from, Ubisoft. Of course, anybody who’s read Brian Lee O’Malley’s books already knew full well that such a game might perhaps be the most perfectly adaptable property in the history of anything, but somebody really went above and beyond to convince the suits to see things our way. And thank God they did! The sizzle reel below isn’t just a remarkable tribute to the world of Pilgrim, it simultaneously validates everything we did between 1988 and 1993.

You’ll not only find heartwarming references to Mega Man and Ninja Gaiden, whoever was behind this pitch reel even went so far as to include 8-bit chiptunes from The White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Ramones as a placeholder soundtrack (that role eventually went to the greatest band ever record toTalkRadar’s theme song, Anamanaguchi!)

Wow… just wow. I’m so elated right now I just want to quit working and spend the rest of the day reflecting on my childhood since this video proves everything actually was as awesome as I remember it.

Here’s some of our favorite nods.

Aug 11, 2010