The Real Blonde review

The fourth feature from independent writer/director Tom DiCillo (Living In Oblivion, Box Of Moonlight) is his most ambitious - and most conventional - to date. It's a comedy of manners set in present-day Manhattan, which follows a group of characters whose paths keep interweaving while they look for true love and meaningful work in a world obsessed by image and appearance.

There's the struggling actor (Modine) and his make-up artist girlfriend (Keener); the fledgling soap star (Caulfield); a blonde supermodel (Wilson); and professional body-double (Berkley). The combination of this attractive cast -- bolstered by an array of star cameos - some polished cinematography, and a sprinkling of comic set-pieces, make for pleasant enough viewing. Nevertheless, The Real Blonde ultimately feels rather trite, since the targets of its humour - specifically the superficiality of people working on fashion shoots, pop videos and daytime soaps - are so glaringly obvious.

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