The Quiet Council erupts in violence in Immortal X-Men #12

Immortal X-Men #12 interior pages
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

There's trouble brewing in the Quiet Council, the ruling court of the mutant nation of Krakoa. May 3's Immortal X-Men #11 set the stage for what seems to be the coming downfall of Krakoa as Storm attempted to root out the lingering influence of the villainous Mister Sinister on the members of the Quiet Council.

Now, Marvel has unveiled a fresh batch of unlettered pages from June 7's Immortal X-Men #12 by writer Kieron Gillen and artists Lucas Werneck and David Curiel seem to foreshadow even more strife, as Storm's new proxy vote on the council, Colossus, may have plans that conflict with hers.

Check out the pages:

The solicitation text for Immortal X-Men #12 seems to solidify the concept that Colossus is using Storm's proxy vote to go into business for himself.

"A COLOSSAL MISTAKE? The Quiet Council gathers to fill the empty seat," reads the solicit. "It's the last chance to make a smart, kind decision to prevent the fall. Luckily, the deciding vote is in the hands of trusty old Colossus. Let's hope he hasn't got plans to ruin everything. That would be terrible."

Colossus previously held a seat on the Quiet Council under Xavier's secret influence as a contingency plan against the machinations of Destiny and Mystique in 2022's Inferno limited series. 

Now that Storm and Xavier are at odds over the results of Sinister's previous influence on the Quiet Council, Colossus could take matters back into his own hands - and back into Xavier's good graces.

Of course, it could all be for naught, as Krakoa may be about to come crashing down around the mutants in the upcoming 'Fall of X' crossover.

Storm, Colossus, and Xavier are three of the best X-Men members of all time.

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