The Quarry's broken achievement can be unlocked using this workaround

The Quarry
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Someone has discovered a workaround for a broke achievement/ trophy in The Quarry.

Publisher 2K acknowledged that there was a problem "causing the Hard Pass achievement/trophy to not be rewarded as intended" a couple of weeks ago now, although a fix has yet to materialize in any of the game's subsequent updates, much to the frustration of some completionist players.

Whilst the accolade is supposed to be gained by ignoring the advice of our mysterious guide, Eliza, the game doesn't seem to be saving these choices, meaning that even if you do everything right, the trophy/achievement still may not pop for some. In the meantime, however, JovialTrash4335 has a solution. 

To unlock the achievement, make sure you grab a Tarot card in every chapter and select "move on" when prompted, as before. However, as soon as you've made your choice, you need to pause, save, and then quit your game. 

Do this, and you should find that Eliza notices that you keep ignoring her this time, and the achievement/trophy should pop (thanks, ScreenRant). 

"While it's slow to start, or pick up pace, by the time The Quarry ended I had enjoyed its inconsistent journey," Leon wrote in his GamesRadar+ The Quarry review, which got 3 out of 5 stars. "There are some good sections and great moments, and there's a nice collectible element where interlinked clues expand and fill out the backstory if you find related items, and I enjoyed trying to second guess what was going on. 

"But I did spend most of my time playing waiting for things to get properly going only for it to end almost as soon as it did. There's a decent stab here at a slasher movie-style Horny Teen Murder Simulator but one that feels unbalanced by the size of its cast. Less people might have actually allowed the final act, where all the best stuff happens, to open more but as it stands there's a lot more setup than there is payoff."

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