The PS5 is now bigger than the N64 in the UK, and it's not far behind the Game Boy Advance

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The PS5 is now bigger than the N64 in the UK, as it trails not too far behind the GameBoy Advance. 

As shared by GamesIndustry.Biz’s Chris Dring on Twitter, the PS5 is now bigger than the N64 in the UK. As Dring says themselves: "If only there was more stock, we'd be seeing some serious records breaking here. Long generation ahead."

According to Dring’s tweet, if the PS5 continues this upwards trajectory, the GameBoy Advance will be the next Nintendo fan-favourite to be overtaken by the next-gen Playstation console in terms of sales in the UK. The Xbox Series X/S has apparently already overtaken the GameCube a few months back, so it won’t be long until Nintendo is no longer dominating the UK console charts.

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It’s important to remember though that a lot has changed since the Nintendo 64 initially launched back in 1997. Not only is there now more people in the world since then but more people are willing to buy consoles than they perhaps were back in the late 90s. Nevertheless though, this is still a pretty impressive figure, and as Dring has already said, give us an insight into the console market for the foreseeable future. 

This sales figure might not come as too much of a surprise for some, as it was previously revealed that the PS5 is the UK's fastest-selling console ever, passing one million sales back in September 2021, not even a whole year after the console’s launch in November 2020. 

If you’re wondering how Nintendo is doing at the moment in terms of its console sales, it was reported back in February 2022 that the Nintendo Switch is at the "middle of its lifecyle" and has surpassed the Wii's lifetime sales. Which is pretty impressive when you think about how many people you knew that owned one if not multiple Nintendo Wii consoles back in the day.

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