The Prey trailer actually explained aliens, powers, and more according to Bethesda

Boy, that Prey E3 2016 trailer really was something, huh? Weird, exciting, full of danger and mystery, and according to developer Arkane, packing a few secrets you may have missed. "If you look at the trailer, there's a few hints of what you will encounter in the game," teases studio president Raphael Colantonio in a new video.

Colantonio goes on to point out that the coffee mug that materializes seemingly out of thin air and a chair seen later in the trailer are actually the smoky, black alien creatures taking on shapes of various objects.

"There's a full ecology, each of them have a purpose," says Colantonio. "The cool thing about them though is that they have some really interesting powers, and you can learn them." Well, that explains Morgan's hands turning black in the trailer, and should give players some interesting tools to mess around with.

Colantonio also claims that the game will not be broken up into levels, but will instead feature one space station that can be explored continuously. You can always go back, he says, though the events of the game may change what an area looks or feels like.

Lastly, while you may have thought the logo reveal at the end of the trailer was just a cool sci-fi looking device, it's actually a device from within the game that is used to study the alien creatures: a "psychoscope". In light of all these revelations, we'll have to look with extra scrutiny at the next Prey trailer (whenever it may come).

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