The Pokémon Company is bringing a new Detective Pikachu to Nintendo Switch

If you're still waiting on the resolution to the cliffhanger from the Detective Pikachu adventure on 3DS, then you're in luck. The Pokémon Company is bringing a new Detective Pikachu game to Nintendo Switch.

The company announced the new spinoff experience, which will have a different ending than the recent movie, at a press conference in Tokyo today that covered a number of Pokémon-related topics. They didn't confirm whether the new Detective Pikachu would be an expansion, a new game, or something else entirely. 

The new game could be a result of the success of the recent Detective Pikachu movie, which recently came to theaters in the United States on May 10.

Toho president Hiro Matsuoka, who worked with Legendary Pictures on the movie, spoke about the success of the recent picture helmed by Ryan Reynolds. "As a movie based on a Japanese IP, it's right up there with Godzilla in terms of box office success," he said. The movie is reported to have made over $350 million between both the US and international box office.

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The Detective Pikachu game originally released in Japan in February of 2016, it later came west with a huge amiibo in March of 2018. It didn't have Ryan Reynolds, but it was still met with favorable reviews for a Pokémon spinoff that shares little with the core series of games. 

The press conference didn't cover any news on Pokemon Sword and Shield, the two upcoming core Pokemon Sword and Shield titles, instead saying we'd receive more news during a Pokemon Direct on June 5.

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