The Pokemon Company discusses the "angry" feedback it has seen

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The Pokemon Company has apparently "heard [a lot]" of "angry" feedback from fans over the years according to the company’s marketing director. 

In a recent interview with Axios (via IGN) director of consumer marketing at The Pokemon Company, J.C. Smith said that the team "have been through a lot - seen, heard [a lot]" in terms of angry feedback from fans over recent years. "We have a group of creators and professionals working at the Pokémon Company that has been through a lot," he continues, "they have thicker skin than many people do because they’ve heard it."

Despite Pokemon fans usually being very clear about what they want, Smith explains, "there's also a vision for what the creators want to provide, and it's [a matter of] finding that delicate balance throughout." 

In the same interview, it was also mentioned how The Pokemon Company decides which Pokemon to merchandise. Smith reveals that the company chooses each Pokemon based on character feel (eg. how cuddly or fierce the Pokemon is) however overall, the company does try to "make sure that all the generations are getting some attention."

In case you were wondering, the same interview clarifies that Pikachu is still the most popular pocket monster "by far," however that recent polls have found gen six’s Greninja and Dedenne have come out on top a lot recently too. 

Despite the feedback J.C Smith spoke about in the interview, Pokemon fans have a look to look forward to over the next few months. Not only are remastered versions of Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl releasing in just a few days' time but a brand new title Pokemon: Legends Arceus is also right around the corner and is due to release on January 28, 2022. 

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