The Overwatch 2 Witch Kiriko skin is scary expensive

Overwatch 2
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You probably already knew that the Overwatch 2 Halloween Terror skins are expensive - but did you know just how expensive they are? Overwatch 2's Witch Kiriko skin is being lambasted on social media for how pricey it is, and players are pointing out how it's indicative of Overwatch 2's problematic pricing scheme.

I spoke about this at length in my latest piece about Overwatch 2's Halloween Event but because of the way Blizzard has priced these items, it's hard to imagine that these decision were made in good faith. The Halloween event items are both restrictively expensive and priced in such a manner that you often have to spend more money than they're worth because of the way Overwatch coin purchasing options are - or you're forced to buy a bundle of items because the skins are unavailable for individual purchase. The player base, which has already pointed out the battle pass expenses and the cost of skins that have come as a consequence of Overwatch 2 going free-to-play, are even more frustrated with the Halloween event, which is magnifying these issues.

Popular Overwatch 2 Twitch streamer Stylosa pointed out that the Witch Kiriko skin is $25, and you have to buy the bundle - there's no way to get the skin separately in the store. But Junker Queen's new Halloween skin is, inexplicably, available for individual purchase. But the egregiousness of these paid cosmetics are even worse in Australia, as esports player and Twitch streamer Frogger points out. Because Overwatch 2 doesn't have localized pricing, the Witch Kiriko bundle costs $37 AUD. "That's like 4 trips to the local KFC LOOOL, its not fair to like... any players at all," he writes on Twitter

Here's hoping that Blizzard sorts out the Overwatch 2 store and skin situation, because right now the Halloween event doesn't bode well for the cost of future event skins. 

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