The official Final Fantasy 7 box art waxes nostalgic

Square Enix has revealed the official box art for the North American and European versions of the Final Fantasy 7 remake, and if it's ringing bells, you're not crazy. The artwork is a near one-to-one replica of the original box art for 1997's Final Fantasy 7, which itself is one of the more iconic video game designs of all time.

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"The artwork pays homage to the North American cover used in the original Final Fantasy VII and features our hero, Cloud Strife, ready to take on the tyrannical Shinra Corporation," reads the announcement blog, which also includes some new screenshots featuring Cloud, Tifa, and Barret.

The reveal comes alongside the Abzu Battle gameplay video from Tokyo Game Show, which has been released without developer commentary for a more immersive experience. And it's worth being immersed with - the action looks top-notch and the remixed Final Fantasy 7 battle score is nothing short of ear candy.

What isn't so appealing is that the box art makes no mention of the fact that what's being billed as the "Final Fantasy 7 remake" is actually only the first part of an episodic series of full-length releases which will make up the entire game. The first release will expand the original's Midgar section into a full game, and the good news is that it will still contain enough content to span two full Blu-Ray discs (thanks GameSpot).

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