DC's resurrecting Lazarus Pit is the stage for major Fall comics event

Jason Todd is revived in the Lazarus Pit in Red Hood and the Outlaws #26
Jason Todd is revived in the Lazarus Pit in Red Hood and the Outlaws #26 (Image credit: DC)

Update: The big fall event teased in May 17's Shadow War Zone #1 has been revealed.

It's Batman vs. Robin, a five-issue event pitting Batman versus his son and Ra's ah Ghul's grandson Damian Wayne in what DC calls an "epic battle of icons years in the making!"

The September-debuting series is written by Mark Waid and drawn by Mahmud Asrar.

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Original story follows...

DC's next big event kicks off April 27 with 'Death of the Justice League' in Justice League #75 and continues in Dark Crisis in May and June … which means it's time for the publisher to start teasing its next big event.

Because comics...

In an unlettered first look preview at pages from four stories from May 17's Shadow War Zone #1, a one-shot anthology special serving as an epilogue to its current event storyline 'Shadow War' showcasing the story's impact on the DC Universe, DC revealed its Fall 2022 event will somehow involve the Lazarus Pit and likely Talia al Ghul.

Shadow War Zone #1 main cover by Jonboy Meyers (Image credit: DC)

Talia - Damian Wayne's mom and member of the little-used new superhero-villain hybrid team the Totality - has seemingly sparked up her long-time romance with Batman and appears poised to become a regular character in Batman's various series.

Due to the (apparent) murder of her father Ra's by Deathstroke (but not really) "Talia al Ghul has put a hit on anyone who has ever worked with Deathrroke - and that includes Black Canary!" reads DC's description of Shadow War Zone #1. "Where has Luke Fox been? Talia is sick of watching from the sidelines and joins the battle herself."

In a description of the story 'Inner Demon' by writer Nadia Shammas and artist Sweeney Boo, DC lets the next event cat out of the bag. 

The story flashes back to the younger years of Robin's mom Talia al Ghul. Frustrated over secrets her father Ra's al Ghul hides from her, young Talia makes a secret pilgrimage to Lazarus Island. There she meets her grandmother who reveals that Talia has a stronger connection to the Lazarus Pit, setting the stage for what DC calls a "major DCU event this Fall."

The Lazarus Pit is a pool of unknown natural green liquid on said Lazarus Island that instantly heals injuries and grants immortality to people who bathe in it, which is the secret of Ra's al Ghul immortality (up until recently that is) and has been responsible for several significant resurrections of dead superheroes and villains.

Interestingly, in the fall of 2022 DC will have a whole Justice League roster of dead superheroes that need resurrecting

Just sayin'...

Here's that preview of 'Inner Demon':

Shadow War Zone #1 variant cover (Image credit: DC)

Shadow War Zone #1 seems to set up other significant storylines as well.

In 'Old Friends' by Shadow War master planner Joshua Williamson and artist Otto Schmidt, Black Canary faces off with protégé assassin Angel Breaker, her "best and former student."

Despite their history, Angel Breaker is a new character and DC says her showdown with Dinah has major ramifications for Black Canary in Shadow War Omega #1 on sale May 31.

Interestingly, in the original solicitation of Shadow War Zone #1, DC teased the new villain Angel Breaker has a connection Ghost-Maker. 

Here's that preview:

And speaking of Ghost-Maker, 'Panic Room' by writer Ed Brisson and artists Mike Bowden, Mark Morales, and Antonio Fabela stars the new(ish) Batman rival/anti-hero and with Black Spider and Clownhunter. 

Ghost-Maker has been mentoring Clownhunter who prepares for the "final exam to end all final exams" as he's charged with protecting Black Spider from an all-out assault from the League of Assassins. 

According to DC, the story sets up Clownhunter's "evolution" and the return of Batman Incorporated in the upcoming Batman 2022 Annual, on sale May 31.

And here's that preview:

Finally, Harley Quinn writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Ann Maulina pair up for 'Ninjas! At the Arcade.' 

Harley battles another group of ninjas from the League of Assassins (it has an unlimited disposable supply) in an arcade, complete with "lights, noise, and an impressive collection of movie quotes" from Harley.

Also, Luke Fox and an "unlikely ally" think Harley is the perfect addition to their 'team," but DC isn't revealing what team and for what purpose ... yet.

Check out those pages:

The main cover seen above is by Jonboy Meyers and Shadow War Zone #1 has another variant cover by Leirix featuring Angel Breaker also seen above. It also features a fun Uncanny X-Men #141 homage variant cover by artist Howard Porter you can see over here.

If Ra's al Ghul is really dead then the DCU just lost one of the best Batman best villains of all time.

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