The next Kingdom Hearts lore snippet is hiding in this hotel room you'll probably never visit

Kingdom Hearts Bistro
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The Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room in Tokyo Disney is hiding a bunch of secrets, and you'll probably never get to see them in the flesh . 

As revealed by @aitaikimochi (aka Audrey) - a Kingdom Hearts fan who visited the themed hotel room in Japan - there is a treasure chest located inside of the room which contains embargoed contents that guests are not allowed to share photos of until April 28, 2022 - the same month as the Kingdom Hearts 20th-anniversary event in Tokyo. 

Although not able to share photos of what’s inside of the treasure chest, Audrey did say in a tweet what was inside. Apparently, the chest contains the Oathkeeper keyblade with a blue paopu fruit keychain attached to it, which is a stark difference from the fruit’s usual iconic yellow coloring. The lore behind this particular detail would require an entire essay to explain, but suffice to say that if you know, you know. 

If the news of a Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room is news to you - here’s what you missed. Back in 2021, Disney and Square Enix announced that a Kingdom Hearts-themed hotel room was coming to Tokyo Disneyland. Not only is every inch of the room decorated with subtle nods to the game series - including your very own keyblade to open the room’s door with - but it is also only available to stay in from January 6 - April 27, 2022. That means that unless you've already booked your stay in the room, you'll probably never get to experience its story details in-person - which is pretty par for the course for Kingdom Hearts' winding narrative.

It’s already looking like 2022 will be the year of Kingdom Hearts with fans and the series’ developers coming together to celebrate the 20th anniversary this Spring. It doesn’t appear to be ending there though as - in typical Kingdom Hearts fan fashion - fans are already speculating what else series creator, and well-known hint dropper, Tetsuya Nomura has planned for the rest of the celebrations. 

Looking for a way into the series? The Kingdom Hearts series will be available on Nintendo Switch from next month.

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