The New World is the new MMO world

The winner of the 2006 Grand Award for Best Game in Korea, Granado Espada, is setting sail for the shores which inspired its creation. The popular MMO is due to plant a flag in North American soil this summer, under its new name Sword of the New World.

The game unfolds in a world inspired by the era of European exploration of North America, but don't expect a world populated solely by rugged wilderness trappers, hardened conquistadors, and malnourished settlers. Judging by the early screens, the characters look like they're more likely to appear at the court of LouisXVI than at a Carribean trading post. This is fitting, because the world features formidable castles and grand halls as much as rugged frontier environs, making the "New World" here an amalgam of untamed North American wilderness, baroque European architecture, and unholy demonic abominations. Hit the Images tab above to see what we mean.

Players who have trouble choosing just one character class will be delighted to learn that Sword of the New World allows you to control three characters simultaneously. Your characters are part of your family, and their victories will bring glory to your family name. The game will feature classic MMO-style combat options, as well as Family vs. Family dueling and an intriguing City vs. City mode.

Expect to hear more about this title as summer nears, and expect to hear it from us.

January 24, 2007