The new Horizon Zero Dawn trailer adds factions, wars and corrupted robosaurs to its beautiful world

As good as Horizon: Zero Dawn looks so far, the sum total of what we know has been: red-haired girl, robosaurs and pretty mountains. Now we have a little more context in this new cinematic trailer. 

It looks like we're getting a post-apocalypse... er, apocalypse, as hero Aloy sets out after a band of evil warriors controlling and corrupting the world's robots to do nasty things. 

As this trailer suggests, setting out to find help fighting the bad guys looks like forming the overarching story for the game. Here's a little bit of additional info from PlayStation: "Who are these masked warriors, and what is the source of their power over the machines? Who will rally to Aloy’s side on the field of battle?" 

It's certainly interesting to see the game's cast so suddenly and dramatically expanded after months of seeing nothing but Aloy and her cyber-cows. I wouldn't be surprised to see some famous names revealed soon. A few people are already suggesting this guy might be The Wire's Michael K. Williams: 

I'm not convinced but watch the trailer again. That character's been overdubbed with a new line that doesn't match the movement of his lips. That only usually happens to hide a spoiler or a yet to be revealed actor...

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