The new Bugsnax DLC is inspired by Jurassic Park 2

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The upcoming Bugsnax DLC was inspired by the second Jurassic Park movie, according to the game's creative director.

Speaking in the latest issue of Play magazine, creative director and writer of Bugsnax, Kevin Zuhn, says “We wanted to have a kind of identifiable new mechanic - something that would really set this area apart from the others and something that would make these particular Bugnsax a little bit trickier to catch than the others. There was also then, of course, the idea of doing like The Lost World: Jurassic Park, right? Where we’re like ‘oh, a mysterious new island- and now they’re huge”. And why not? The bigger the better. 

This will make player-character Grumpus' adventures even more perilous, as not only is the environment much bigger, but the bugs/snacks will be as big or bigger than the biggest dinosaur shown in Jurassic Park. As a result, your job of collecting all the bugs will be even harder, but just as in the base game you will need your puzzle solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. Because that means it might not be possible to catch all the new bugsnax with the small net, Zuhn explains that new mechanics will feature in the DLC.

Zuhn said he got the idea after reviewing feedback from fans who expressed their love of the big boss fights, such as pizza slice moth Mothza Supreme. We can only assume he took this feedback and ran with it. Players will be delighted to know the new DLC comes with customisable options which will add to the wacky aesthetics. 

While Bugsnax released in 2020, The Isle of Bigsnax doesn't have a release date just yet, although it's set to launch some time in early 2022.

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