The most annoying sound effects in gaming history

What's that awful sound? It's actually not always an awful sound. In fact, it's one of the most welcome sounds on the Xbox: the tone that plays when you unlock an Achievement! Many folks devote many hours to making this sound happen, unaware of the fact that they could hear the exact same sound any time one of their friends logs onto Xbox Live - because that's not annoying at all.

How bad's it going to get? It's going to be the same welcome chime, every single time you unlock Achievement points. But nothing ruins a dramatic moment in a movie you’re watching or a game you’re playing like the annoying bloop that plays every single time _-+*SuAvE_HaLo*+-_ signs on to challenge you to a round of capture the flag.

Make it stop! You're going to have to make a choice: Achievements or friends. Oh, come on, like this is the first time you've ever had to pick.