The Medium gameplay trailer shows how psychic abilities make you a better detective

A new gameplay trailer for Bloober Team's upcoming horror game The Medium shows how psychic abilities can come in handy when you're trying to solve an old mystery.

The new video explores a few different ways the player will interact with the spirit world to progress through the story. In one scene, you can use Marianne's heightened senses to find a switch hiding behind a framed picture. Another scenario shows how you can interact with different objects to hear "echoes" of the past.

Marianne can hear the conversations of long-gone people by reconstructing soul fragments "frozen in a specific moment of time." In some cases, she can even interact with lost souls still wandering through the spirit plane. Naturally, this all provides useful clues and context as to the tragedy that's haunting Marianne's visions.

It's your job as the titular medium to not only solve that central mystery in an abandoned hotel in Krakow, but also to help bring peace to tortured souls lingering in purgatory and ease them into the afterlife. Of course, you'll also want to conserve some energy for evading The Maw, a terrifying entity voiced by Troy Baker which is described as a being born "from shame, from helplessness, from rage."

"I've played the brooding hero, I've played the hands-on-hips superhero [but The Maw] is something like I've never done before," Baker told IGN back in August. "There's a fear and a challenge that comes with that, because you start asking yourself 'can I do this? Is this something I can do?'"

The Medium is coming to Xbox Series X/S and PC on January 28, and it'll be available at launch on Xbox Game Pass.

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