The Mad Titan takes center stage in Thanos: Death Notes #1 preview

Thanos: Death Notes #1 art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Thanos will take the spotlight in his own December 6 one-shot titled Thanos: Death Notes that brings the Mad Titan into the path of Thor following a vision the god of Thunder had at the start of the current volume of his ongoing title in which he foresaw his own death at Thanos' hands.

The one-shot features a variety of Thanos-centric tales from well-known creators, including one from fan-favorite writer J. Michael Straczynski, known for his own work on Thor back in the '00s.

Stories in the anthology include a framing sequence by writer Torunn Grønbekk and artists Andrea Di Vito and David Curiel; 'Love and Death and Much in Between' by JMS, Geoff Shaw, and Dean White; 'The Bar at the End of the Line' by writer Kyle Starks and artists Ron Lim, Don Ho, and Israel Silva; and 'All That Is' by Christopher Cantwell, Travel Foreman, and Rachelle Rosenberg.

Here's a gallery of interior pages from several stories in the anthology:

The premise of Thanos: Death Notes involves Thor digging into Thanos' past as a way to stave off a future Thor envisioned in which he dies at Thanos' hands, while Thanos wields a version of Mjolnir fully encrusted with Infinity Stones (including a mysterious seventh black stone), and leads an army of undead Marvel characters.

It's unclear exactly when the threads being picked up in Thanos: Death Notes will come to fruition in Thor's ongoing title or elsewhere in the Marvel Universe.

Thanos is one of the best Marvel supervillains of all time.

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