The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

This one's got a lot to live up to. Twilight Princess has to answer to jabbering nutcases who moaned about Link looking like a Disney cartoon; prove that The Wind Waker's drawn-out Triforce-hunting tedium wasn't the first sign that Nintendo is shedding its coat of magical brilliance; and, of course, make Zelda fans very, very happy.

And it's one of the first games to let us feel why Revolution is the future. As we revealed back in December, stick Twilight Princess into Ninty's next console and you'll be able to play with Revolution's swish control stick. Rumours say you'll wave the controller to slash Link's sword, flick it to fish, and even use a second controller as a shield. The very thought makes us grin like chimps.

So how else will Twilight Princess keep you adventuring from dusk till dawn? We're decades after N64's Ocarina of Time here, and Hyrule's under threat from a 'Twilight Realm' that's spreading across the land like an evil marmite spill.

The Realm transforms anyone it touches into an animal - and 16-year-old Link is ensnared and morphed into a wolf. He'll switch between human and animal throughout the game, carrying a mysterious girl called Midna on his hairy back when he's in wolf form, and upping his sight, smell and hearing powers in ways that are still under wraps.