The Last of Us Part 1 players aren't feeling Permadeath after reports of glitched cutscene deaths

The Last of Us Part 1
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The Last of Us Part 1  players are feeling discouraged from pursuing Permadeath runs after players have reported dying in cutscenes.

Just earlier today, shortly after The Last of Us Part 1 launched around the world on PS5, the Reddit post below popped up, depicting the player accidentally dying as Sarah during the prologue segment. What should happen during this sequence is that the player transitions to the role of Joel after the crash, but for some reason they're outright killed instead.

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It's not just this one instance though. In the comments section underneath the post, another player reports having died elsewhere in The Last of Us Part 1 during a separate cutscene sequence. There have already been multiple reports of players dying in different cutscenes, or in the quick time event sequences peppered throughout Naughty Dog's remake.

As a result, players are feeling seriously discouraged from embarking on a daring Permadeath run in The Last of Us Part 1. If you're unfamiliar with the difficulty level, it was the highest difficulty option in the original game in 2013, and it's made a grand return for the remake nine years later, challenging players to get through the whole remake without dying once - or else they have the entire game reset.

If you were to embark on a Permadeath playthrough, only to find your entire progress robbed from a glitched death, you'd feel pretty hard done by. The player base is no doubt hoping Naughty Dog fixes these issues sooner rather than later, so players can get to grips with a difficult but fair fight in the Permadeath mode.

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