The Last Horror Movie review

"I'm trying to make an intelligent film about murder while actually doing the murders," explains chatty psychopath Max (Kevin Haworth) in this smart Brit ick flick. Making up for its rough-around-the-edges feel with some censor-baiting scenes of murder most foul, this mock snuff movie follows Max as he selects his victims and murders them - all the while talking straight-to-camcorder. The concept owes a bloody nod to Belgian spoof Man Bites Dog, but the laughs here are in short supply as director Julian Richards asks interesting - if familiar - questions about voyeurism and morality. Undeniably hampered by its gimmicky set-up (which will work better on video than in the cinema) and wild overacting from Haworth, it succeeds on the strength of its vérité violence. Plus it's hard not to feel a certain frisson as Max looms into the camera lens to ironically intone: "Me evil, you good..."

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