The Hero Initiative Batman 100 Project first look

(Image credit: DC / the Hero Initiative)

The Hero Initiative, the charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need, is readying the release of the Batman 100 Project, the latest interaction of their fundraising project featuring comic book artists drawing 100 original covers for a recent high profile comic book release. 

In this case, it's July 2019's Batman #75, which began the 'City of Bane' story arc that served as the ending of writer Tom King’s long run on the title. The publisher originally released a blank variant cover to the issue, the Hero Initiative purchased 100 copies last July, and tons of comic book artists got to work. Now the art created will be auctioned off with all the funds raised going to creators in need of assistance. 

The original drawings will all be auctioned off at starting September 13 and ending on September 19 and both hardcover and softcover editions of a Batman 100 Project book collecting all the covers in print will be available in November 2020.

Here's a first look at drawings by artists Art Adams, Charlie Adlard, Kristen Allen, Kaare Andrews, Matt Wagner, Doug Wheatley, Chrissie Zullo, Chris Moreno, and DC publisher Jim Lee. 

All 100 images will be available to check out at the Hero Initiative website Tuesday afternoon.  Please check it out. 

Previous editions of the fundraiser include the Adventure Time 100 Project, the Wonder Woman 100 Project, the Uncanny X-Men 100 Project, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 100 Project, the New Avengers 100 Project, and the Hulk 100 Project. 

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