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The Han Solo movie is undergoing more reshoots (but that’s not as bad as it sounds)

It’s time for another chapter in the saga of the Han Solo movie’s never-ending reshoots. The movie is out in May and we’ve got *check notes* no trailer, controversy surrounding earlier productions, directors being fired and MORE. FREAKING. RESHOOTS. Hold your space horses on this one, though, it’s not nearly as awful as you might be expecting.

Coming from a well-connected source on Reddit, news that more reshoots are planned for this month and February may not bode well for the movie hitting its May 25 release date, at least at first glance. However, the reshoots are being described as merely ‘pick-up’ shots.

To save you scrambling to Wikipedia, pick-up shots are essentially a bit of spit and polish to add to the final cut. A reaction shot here, filling in a few logic gaps and fixing continuity errors there. All in all, pretty standard when it comes to big Hollywood releases.

Still, though, it’s understandable everyone’s getting a little edgy when we’ve seen little to no hype when it comes to the movie. Give us a teaser, trailer, anything. Heck, I’d even take a quick clip of Chewie dabbing at this point.

Having said that, with production almost winding down completely, expect to see a trailer pretty soon. Ron Howard hasn’t exactly been resting on his laurels since taking over the production so he’ll probably want a trailer cut and ready as soon as possible. Then we can put all of this behind us and enjoy what should be an exciting new chapter in the Star Wars universe.

While we all twiddle our thumbs and fiddle with our blasters in anticipation of the movie’s release, be sure to take a quick peek at how we might be introduced to the Millennium Falcon in the Han Solo movie. It’s pretty darn cool.

Image: Lucasfilm

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