The Great Ace Attorney games are coming to Switch, PS4, and PC this July

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles
(Image credit: Capcom)

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will bring the series' 19th century sub-series to the West for the first time on July 27, 2021. 

Capcom announced the long-awaited localization today, with series director Shu Takumi also showing up to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles combines The Great Ace Attorney: The Adventure of Ryunosuke Naruhodo and The Great Ace Attorney 2: The Resolve of Ryunosuke Naruhodo into one collection for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC (Steam). 

Originally released in 2015 and 2017 respectively, the Great Ace Attorney games are split between Meiji-era Japan and Victorian London. They follow the investigative escapades of Ryunosuke Naruhodo (Naruhodo roughly translates to "I understand" in English), his assistant Susato Mikotoba, and his lawyer friend Kazuma Asogi, as well as English characters like Herlock Sholmes (yes, that's his real name) and Iris Wilson. 

The Great Ace Attorney games follow the same structure as the mainline Ace Attorney games: you investigate crime scenes and speak to people of interest to gather evidence and then present it in the courtroom to defend your client. Importantly, it has its own version of the iconic "Objection!" button. But the 19th century setting gives its cases a unique spice that shakes up the proceedings. The collection has 10 full-length episodes and eight shorter escapades, delivering roughly 50 hours of gameplay between them according to Capcom.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles will be available on its own or as part of the new Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection, which bundles in the previously released Ace Attorney Trilogy. This series is a great mix of detective work and visual novel storytelling, and the Turnabout Collection sounds like the best way to get into it yet. 

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