Netflix watchers are calling The Gray Man the "best action packed movie this year"

The Gray Man on Netflix
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The Gray Man, Netflix's new action thriller, is finally here – and the internet is buzzing with people's thoughts on the movie. The film stars Ryan Gosling as a CIA operative being ruthlessly hunted down by Chris Evans' villainous Lloyd Hansen. The film is directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, who've previously directed Evans in the MCU. 

"The GRAY MAN is the best action packed movie this year! ABSOLUTELY NO MOVIE matches it not even close," says one person

"THE GRAY MAN is so much fun, probably my favorite Gosling, Evans & De Armas roles, is a charisma overload," says another tweeter. "The action pieces are very entertaining and not dull moment, my second favorite Russo Brothers film (after Winter Soldier)."  

"The Gray Man was a lot of fun! Like a '90s action movie! Some of the camera work felt kinda weird but overall the cast and story were awesome!" agrees this viewer

"The Gray Man. Excellent film. Great use of music. Always a plus with me. Fun to see Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in a different role than normal. Russo Brothers having fun with some action they can't in Marvel films," is another person's verdict.  

"The Gray Man (2022) A wild, fun ride with two amazing leads. Would have been a summer blockbuster pre-covid and highly recommend it checking it out on Netflix. It's like John Wick mixed with the Bourne series. I give it 9 @ChrisEvans mustaches out of 10," says another fan.  

"My family watched THE GRAY MAN tonight. It's an outrageously fun, over-the-top, summer popcorn movie. We had a great time. Big congratulations to [author Mark Greaney] – I hope this leads to at least 25 sequels," is another impressed response

"The Gray Man was pretty good.. love seeing @ChrisEvans as the bad guy," says another person.  

But not everyone is bowled over. "Chris Evans' performance in The Gray Man is the highlight of the movie. The movie is very much a paint by numbers action film. Fun to watch with a group of friends, but doesn't have much replay value," is this person's thoughts.  

The Gray Man is currently streaming on Netflix. For much more on the movie, check out our interview with the Russos – and fill out your watchlist with our guide to the best Netflix movies to watch now. 

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