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The Golden Compass - updated impressions

Nov 5, 2007

Frankly, anyone who's read the His Dark Materials trilogyshould want to experience the game and film almost as much as wanting a monkey-shaped demon of their own. By now, the film trailer will be playing in cinemas and you'll probably have seen the amazingly recreated world of Jordan College, Bolvangar and the North on screen for yourself. And we can report that the game - which is being developed by Shiny - is shaping up to have all the best bits from the film, and more on top of that.

Shiny began our look at the game with an encouraging explanation of what they are trying to achieve with it. They want to make it authentic, but not just re-tell the same story using Full Motion Video scenes alternated with some gameplay. They don't want to create an all-out action game when it doesn't properly fit with the character of Lyra.Myst is one game named as inspiration for The Golden Compass - a game more about exploration, puzzle solving and atmosphere than action.