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The Godfather: Blackhand Edition review

The Corleones have one last favor to ask. Find out if this is an offer you can refuse

As for what's new, The Don's Edition takes all the stuff that was added to the Xbox 360 version - bodyguards you can hire, business owners who ask for violent favors, drug labs to blow up, new cars, etc. - and then throws a bunch more on top of that. There are a handful of new story missions, as well as a new side story that sees you battling Chicago's infamous Purple Gang and pulling off some of the game's most interesting hits in the process.

Obviously, though, the big selling point here is the controls. Blackhand Edition has all kinds of cool uses for the Wii remote/Nunchuk configuration, from racking the Nunchuk to reload to twisting the remote to open doors. Landing punches is as simple as swinging your hands around, and certain other motions - like strangulation - feel uncannily like the real thing.

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DescriptionThe definitive version of the not-really-a-movie-adaptation 1940s mob drama.
US censor ratingMature
Release date20 March 2007 (US), (UK)