The Godfather

While it's ostensibly a crime movie, The Godfather seems a weird choice for a video-game adaptation. There's violence, sure, but it's far outweighed in screen time by ruminations on familial responsibility, weddings, funerals, grouchy conversations in poorly lit rooms and boiling pots of pasta.

That's probably why EA chose to make its version of The Godfather aboutthe Mafia's foot soldiers instead of its stuffy, slow-moving generals. Opening in 1945, theGodfathergame follows the plot of the movie, but from a different perspective: that of a low-level thug whom you create, workingon the front linesto enforce the will of the Corleone crime family. As such, the game focuses mostly on what happens off-camera; one mission might have you hiding the gun that Michael Corleone uses in the bloodyrestaurant scene, while another lets you do the violent "favor"asked of Don Vitonear the movie's beginning.