The Girl Next Door review

Every generation should have its own Risky Business. And while this tame comedy isn't a patch on that iconic Tom Cruise vehicle, its tale of a college-bound over-achiever who falls for an ex-porn star has just enough spunk to justify the comparison.

Its chief assets belong to 24's Elisha Cuthbert, well-cast as the `girl next door' who leads nerdy Matthew (Emile Hirsch) off the straight and narrow and into a world of ecstasy pills, skin flicks and porn conventions. Acting honours, though, go to Timothy Olyphant (Go), who brings a welcome dash of danger to his role as Cuthbert's jilted pimp cum-manager.

Director Luke Greenfield keeps the dialogue fruity but stops short of smut, making this the cleanest porn farce ever committed to celluloid. But while there's a broad gap between the raunchy subject matter and its kid-glove treatment, this teen caper has sufficient intelligence and charm to avoid the usual American Pie pitfalls.

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