The Giant Days library Kickstarter races through its stretch goals on day 1

Giant Days #19
Giant Days #19 (Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Boom! Studios launched a Kickstarter campaign for the complete Giant Days library in new hardcover editions, and fans surpassed its $10 thousand goal in just 20 minutes. The campaign features new hardcover Library Editions of Giant Days volumes 1-7, as well as the final four 'Not on the Test' hardcovers.

And Boom! Studios match every first day pre-order of physical Giant Days Library Edition hardcovers by sending a free copy to a public library, in addition to sending out stacks of free copies when the campaign hits certain stretch goals.

Giant Days 'Not on the Test' hardcover vol. 1 (Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Giant Days is a slice-of-life comic series written by John Allison, drawn by Max Sarin, Lissa Tremain, Julia Madrigal, and Liz Fleming, colored by Whitney Cogar, and lettered by Jim Campbell. The series ran for 54 issues from 2015-2019, and received multiple Eisner Awards.

The story follows college roommates and best friends Esther de Groot, Susan Ptolemy, and Daisy Wooton as they go through the trials and tribulations of completing their studies and becoming adults, all while navigating interpersonal relationships. 

In 2017, Boom! Studios began publishing hardcover editions of Giant Days in what it called the 'Not on the Test' editions, but it only produced the first three volumes. Through the new Kickstarter campaign, backers can order individual copies of any volume, or a "final four" set with volumes 4-7 to complete their existing collections. Volumes 4-7 are Kickstarter exclusive, and will never be made available for retail.

Giant Days Library Edition hardcovers

Giant Days Library Edition hardcovers (Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Now, Boom! Studios is also producing Library Edition hardcovers of Giant Days volumes 1-7, which backers can pre-order individually or as a full set, in either digital or physical format.

At time of writing, Kickstarter backers have pre-ordered 137 physical copies, meaning Boom! Studios will donate at least 137 copies of Giant Days Library Edition Vol. 1 to public libraries. 

The campaign is also racing toward its $50 thousand stretch goal, which will mean an additional 50 copies are donated. At $100 thousand, Boom! will donate 100 more copies, at $150 thousand it will donate 150, and at $250 thousand it will donate 250. In addition, backers can add a $5 to any pledge and add another volume to the queue.

Giant Days #50 (Image credit: Boom! Studios)

Pledge tiers for the Giant Days campaign range from the standard, no-minimum, "pledge without a reward" tier, to a $750 Boom! Elite Ultimate Box Set tier. 

The latter is limited to 20 backers and includes limited-edition, clothbound hardcover editions of all seven Giant Days volumes with foil-stamped covers, and lettered bookplates signed by writer Allison and artist Sarin, all in a collector's box. It also comes with sketches, campaign-exclusive merchandise, and a special Penguin Classics variant of Giant Days #1 (featuring the cover art from issue #50), as well as a one-year Boom! Elite membership.

The Giant Days library Kickstarter will run until Monday, October 17 at 9 a.m. ET.

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