The Game Awards star 'Flute Guy' apologizes for using the wrong flute for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, is instantly forgiven

Xenoblade Chronicles 3
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The Game Awards darling 'Flute Guy' is apologizing for not using a shinobue to perform music from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 during the event, and I think I speak for everyone when I say: you're forgiven, Flute Guy.

In case you missed the whole shebang, Venezuelan-born flautist Pedro Eustache captivated the world for his skill and enthusiasm during a performance at this year's Game Awards. Eustache was quick to passionately thank his new fans in a recent video, and now he's reanalyzing, and possibly overanalyzing, a specific detail from his performance from that night.

In an interview with The Verge, Eustache expressed regret that the modified flute he used to play music from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 isn't the same as the instrument used by characters called off-seers to send off fallen soldiers.

"So in one part of the arrangement, it was very specific for me to play this [flute]," he said. "And I'm so ignorant that I found out that the original instrument from the game is a shinobue, and I have two of them! Next time, I'm going to play this Japanese shinobue. I beg forgiveness for all the Xenoblade gamers. I will do them honor next time."

To be clear, I can relate to the feeling of wanting to perfect a piece of work, even after it's been put out there, and especially when it gets a lot of attention. That said, I don't think there is anything about Eustache's performance that night needs an apology. If anything, we should be apologizing for not giving him some kind of award. Flute Guy, if I had an award to give for best musical performance at a games award show, it would be yours and yours only.

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