The future for Broken Lizard

The Broken Lizard comedy team don’t always hit the funny bone – while their first big release Super Troopers was a hilarious, goofy romp, the follow-up Club Dread had all the laugh value of a wet weekend at Butlins. And we won’t even go into their contributions to Dukes Of Hazzard.

But now they’re back with Beerfest, a sports-based comedy that sees a team of Americans humiliated at the titular annual drinkathon by bitter rivals from Germany. They regroup and recruit a couple of legendary drinkers to get revenge.

Now that Beerfest is about to hit cinemas, the team can start pondering the future. And the prolific Lizards already have a few projects bubbling away. They’ve been chatting about what films they want to work on once the publicity grind is behind them.

Much of their focus will be on The Greek Road, which is a film they’ve wanted to make for years, even back when they met at New York’s Colgate University. As Lizard member Steve Lemme explains: "It's an ancient Greek comedy where Kevin Heffernan plays Plato. He goes to Athens University where he's the star of the wrestling team, but he's really stupid. He's failing his basic classes. This guy is all muscle. They hire Socrates, who I play, to come in and tutor him and then we tangle with the Greek Gods."

Work on the Road will have to wait a little longer though – two of the troupe, including regular director Jay Chandrasekhar – have committed to shoot Babymaker in the meantime. “Heffernan plays a man whose semen is no good,” Chandrasekhar told website The Suicide Girls . “Five years ago he donated sperm to a sperm bank. His sperm is promised to someone else so he has to break into the sperm bank to get it.”

Yes, it’s the world’s first sperm bank heist movie…

Source: ( SuicideGirls )