The first set photo of the Predator (from The Predator) is here, and we have questions

A new set photo from the production of Shane Black's The Predator has surfaced and hello, yes, I have some questions.

Okay first of all, why are there two Yautja - that's the species name for Predators of course *pushes up nerd glasses* - if the movie is called The Predator? Mayhaps the predator in question is not one of the aliens? Or maybe those actors are playing the same alien, and it's easier to have two people in bodysuits, one with a helmet and one without, than to try and stick a mask on top of a mask?

Also, is the one wearing the helmet driving the tank or just riding in it and poking his head out like a 9-foot tall dog sticking his head out of a car window? Also also, is that Predator on top of the tank throwing up peace signs? Predators don't believe in peace and love, you hippy! They believe in skulls and disemboweling! Get it right!

When Black said The Predator would span genres, I don't think comedy was on his list (though there are definitely some laugh-out-loud funny moments in the original). But then, The Predator takes place in suburbia, so there's just all kinds of twists going on here.

Images: Fox

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