The Final Fantasy 15 May update adds… stinky tofu. I swear I'm not joking.

Oh, Final Fantasy 15, you weird, beautiful bastard. This month, Square Enix is providing more free updates to the JRPG, and the additions are interesting to say the least. The first (and, in my humble opinion, strangest) of the new content is… well, you read the headline: stinky tofu.

Stinky tofu may be unheard of to many in the States or Europe, but it's actually a pretty common dish in Taiwan, which is where the FF15 dev team got the idea. After receiving survey results from Taiwanese players, Square Enix decided to add stinky tofu to Ignis' recipe book. And yes, it really is called stinky tofu. It looks… nice?

Additionally, the winner of the second Snapshot photo contest, where players - you guessed it - send their best in-game pics to the devs, will have their winning photo displayed inside the Hammerhead restaurant.

There's also a survey asking players their thoughts on future DLC, along with a myriad of bug fixes and performance improvements. Starting May 30, players will also be able to download a new costume for Noctis, dubbed "Jumper Style." It comes with a pretty sweet jacket.

All these years later and the Final Fantasy brand is still going strong and weird, and I love it. And did you hear? Square Enix is hiring more devs to increase production on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Sam Prell

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