The Final Fantasy 14 community's meme-famous rooster could be added to the game

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix/Mudchute Park and Farm)

Zenos the Rooster, a real-life bird made famous meme during a recent Final Fantasy 14 stream, could soon be immortalized in the popular MMORPG.

For some context - because if any story needs context, it's this one - Square Enix recently teamed up with a London-based farm for a week-long charity livestream in support of the recent Final Fantasy 14 Patch 6.2 and Island Sanctuary update. During the first stream, which took place in a chicken coop, one gold-and-black rooster stole the show for his resemblance to the Final Fantasy 14 character Zenos.

Skip forward a few weeks, and Square Enix seems to be hinting that an in-game appearance by Zenos is a possibility. In an interview with Eurogamer (opens in new tab), producer and director Naoki Yoshida was asked directly whether we can expect to see Zenos as a Final Fantasy 14 chicken minion or mount in the future, and he didn't exactly shut the idea down.

"I'll avoid giving any definite answer about whether or not Zenos the chicken will make an appearance in-game but I can say that the stream turned out to be a great source of stimulation for thinking up future rewards," said Yoshida.

Of course, that isn't a confirmation either, but it certainly leaves open the possibility of a Zenos appearance, particularly as some sort of in-game reward. I haven't checked in on my Final Fantasy 14 character in a minute, but this is just the sort-of community-driven content that would rope me right back in.

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