Cockerel-obsessed Final Fantasy 14 players find a new mascot in Zenos the rooster

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit: Square Enix/Mudchute Park and Farm)

In honor of Final Fantasy 14's upcoming Island Sanctuary release, the devs have partnered with a London farm to broadcast a weeklong livestream featuring real animals, and the community immediately became obsessed with a rooster which they've identified as Zenos in bird form.

The official Final Fantasy 14 Twitch account is currently in the middle of a weeklong stream leading up to the launch of Patch 6.2 and Island Sanctuary on August 23. The streams will feature a variety of animals over the course of the week, but the opening leg is focused on a chicken coop, with one gold-and-black cockerel that the community has collectively decided looks like Zenos.

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The Zenos rooster became an immediate obsession - one worthy of his namesake. We're talking full-on fan art out here.

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The memes have tested our reflexes so thoroughly that the farm has officially renamed the bird Zenos the Rooster.

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Mudchute Farm is a UK charity dedicated to environmental care, so all these memes are ultimately supporting a good cause. The Twitch stream is still focused on the chickens at press time, and as I write this, Zenos is sitting on a high perch looking down at all the lesser birds, as he should.

On top of previewing the upcoming patch content, FF14 producer Naoki Yoshida has also been talking about what to expect from the next major leg of the story in recent interviews. It seems we'll see the seeds of the story for the next major expansion be planted much later than usual this time around.

Maybe the best farming games and the best MMORPGs are one and the same, after all.

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