The FIFA 23 web app that offers FUT 23 early access is live, but players are having issues

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The FIFA 23 Web App has launched, but EA is already having to investigate reports of players being unable to connect to the new service.

As recently announced by EA, the FIFA 23 Web App gives players early access to certain parts of FIFA Ultimate Team before the full game launches. Players would be able to open FUT packs ahead of launch, for example, as well as sell items and open their loyalty reward.

However, it now seems like the Web App is experiencing troubles. The FIFA Direct Communication Twitter account put out the statement earlier today, on September 22, just a matter of hours after the FIFA 23 Web App first launched, letting users know it was looking into reports of some players being unable to access the service.

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Shortly after that, EA declared the issue resolved via the tweet below, announcing all players would now be able to log into the Web App. Despite this, responses to the tweet below claim plenty of players are still unable to log into the Web App despite the fixes seemingly being implemented.

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At the time of writing, it appears the problems with the Web App are purely restricted to players being unable to access the new service on PC. It doesn't seem like the FIFA 23 Web App has any actual problems or issues within itself, and the entire service should work as planned once players can access it.

This comes eight days before FIFA 23's eventual launch next week on Friday, September 30, across PC and consoles alike. However, those who pre-ordered the digital Ultimate Edition will be able to access the new game a few days earlier on September 27, meaning there's little time for Ultimate Edition players to get their FUT teams in order before the early launch.

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