The Eternals go full-villain in AXE: Judgment Day with a horde of mythical monsters and Thanos' grand uncle on their side

The Hex designs by Valerio Schiti
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

When the Eternals take on the X-Men in the upcoming AXE: Judgment Day crossover, they won't be alone - and we're not talking about the Avengers, the third team caught up in the conflict. We're talking about The Hex, a group of ancient beings tied to the Eternals, who will be awakened to aid in the Eternals' quest to destroy all mutantkind over the perception that mutants are an offshoot of the Deviants.

Marvel has revealed The Hex in an interview with Valerio Schiti, the artist of the core AXE: Judgment Day limited series, showcasing Schiti's designs along with a bit of insight into who and what The Hex actually are - and what they aren't.

Working closely with writer Kieron Gillen, Schiti designed The Hex as monstrous beings who are "deadly and powerful enough to kill a god".

In fact, there's a deeper connection to mythology in their designs, says Schiti.

Here's a gallery of Schiti's designs for The Hex:

"Their final look remembers some classical creatures and monsters, but our idea was: what if it’s the other way around? What if Eternals summoned them in the past and our ancestors saw them?" Schiti explains. "To witness the existence of the Hex is fuel for nightmares and legends so maybe they're the very origin of some human myths."

Even though they may have been summoned by the Eternals in the distant past, according to Schiti, The Hex are "doomed to sleep for millennia," only awakening when the Eternals need them "just to kill and destroy."

"That's their eternal curse," he states.

"The Hex are unstoppable, inevitable, the embodiment of incoming destruction," Schiti warns. "If you're a mutant, you are doomed. Seriously, you don't stand a chance, I am sorry."

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Worse yet, The Hex aren't the only secret weapon the Eternals are employing in their quest to destroy all mutants. 

They'll actively turn to Uranos the Undying, unleashing Thanos' grand-uncle from the ancient prison where he's been held for millions of years so he can lead the Eternals' attack on Planet Arakko, the mutant homeworld created from terraforming Mars.

"You'll see what Uranos the Undying can do with one hour," reads a new AXE: Judgment Day teaser featuring the fearsome villain, seen here.

AXE: Judgment Day #1 goes on sale July 20, and both Uranos and The Hex are expected to appear in the core limited series.

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