The dying game

Sep 28, 2007

Game over. Continue? If only life was that simple. We've all died thousands of times in videogames. But never do we think 'well, that's it then' and put the pad down. There's nearly always the prospect of another life or a continue, or at worst having to start afresh with a new game.

But game death has given us so many memorable sequences. Ever since Pac-Man's mouth widened to envelop his entire self with that classic descending soundclip, game developers have sought to make dying just as much of an experience as staying alive. So join us as we take a look at some of gaming's most memorable abrupt halts.

Metal Gear Solid
Let's start with one of the most famous death sequences. In the Metal Gear Solid series, when Snake takes one too many bullets he falls, crying out in pain (and annoyance, knowing him) and the game over screen appears, along with a voice over the radio. "Snake, quit fooling around. Snake? Snaaaaaake!" We've got three examples for you, taken from MGS2 on PS2. Oh, and and try not to laugh at the split-second freeze as Snake realises he's set off a bomb right beside him. It's someone else's misfortune, after all. Hehehe.

Justin Towell

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