The $6 Metroidvania that lit Steam on fire last year hits 100K sales, self-taught dev who made the game in a few months "still having trouble processing"

Pseudoregalia Sybil
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Pseudoregalia, a 3D Metroidvania released last summer for just $6, ended up being one of the best and biggest surprise hits of the year. As lead developer Rittz told me in an interview in September 2023, he made most of the game himself in about four months after getting into game dev as a self-taught newcomer. As of today, which has yielded a chunky map update for the game, Pseudoregalia has passed 100,000 copies sold, and Rittz is "still having trouble processing." 

In a post on Steam, Rittz writes: "I just wanted to say thank you all so, so much for playing. The game, as of last month, broke 100k sales, and that's something I'm honestly still having trouble processing. I really didn't imagine our dinky little jam game would connect with so many people and I'm so happy that I can now work on games full time because of it. The feedback, the streams, the fanart, it's all just been crazyl!!

"That said, I almost certainly won't be making Pseudoregalia 2, as there's many other games in different tones and genre's I'd like to get to, but I will at least make a spiritual successor to this game at some point, don't you worry about that! And for [main character] Sybil...I think you'll meet her again, one day." 

Rittz, or Rittzler on Steam, already has another game listed: Electrokinetic, a roguelike 3D platformer where "you build your own moveset as you play," and which has a similarly lovely retro art style to Psuedoregalia. Last year, he told me he's already planning a much more ambitious Metroidvania, and – music to my ears – said he's still interested in making short games. 

In addition to the game's newly expanded credits featuring "the other wonderful people who helped make this game real," Rittz tips his hat to co-creator Matt, who worked on the game's textures and some level design, who's now working on a promising 3D platformer called The Big Catch. Matt previously worked on another Metroidvania, Vernal Edge, which is at 77% positive Steam user reviews. 

Fans of Pseudoregalia, meanwhile, can enjoy its added map, new time trials, polished characters and abilities, and other refinements in today's big "map update." The game was great before, and a steal at $6, and now it sounds even better. I've reached out to Rittz for comment on his post-Pseudoregalia plans and will update if I hear back.

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