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The Division 2 players are getting really annoyed by a broken staircase

Credit: reddit user jmxd

The Division 2 has had a nice helping of bug fixes in recent patches already, but inevitably things fall through the virtual net, and players continue to find some of the most random glitches. The latest bug was recently cited on Reddit (via Kotaku), and comes in the shape of floating grey square wedged at the top of a staircase located nearby the Ivy Tunnel control point. 

In the post, players trying to climb the stairs find themselves stonewalled by this almighty grey anomaly with no chance of reaching the top. There are obvious ways around it of course, but it’s getting in the way of some serious stair-climbing action.

In fact, our very own GamesRadar+ Editor, Sam, experienced the glitch for herself last night as she was no doubt conquering the post-apocalyptic landscapes of Washington D.C. 

 You can see the stairs in question for yourself thanks to this clip posted by reddit user jmxd

Many Reddit users have said they noticed this glitch not long after launch and have since reported the bug to Massive, but it hasn’t as of yet been resolved. Still, some good has come from it. It’s certainly united players who thought they were the only ones experiencing the glitch. The thread also goes to show sometimes you always find plenty of humour in finding random  glitches. “I wanna see the patch notes when this is fixed - fixed a weird square”, reddit user exoromo wrote.  

As glitches go it's pretty harmless and will likely be resolved in an upcoming patch.  But for now there’s no way to overcome the mighty grey square of inaccessibility. 

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