The Darkhold "defiles" Wasp and Black Bolt in November Marvel specials

Darkhold 'defiled' designs
art from Darkhold "defiled" Wasp design by Cian Tormey (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel's pre-Scarlet Witch's murder event story The Darkhold continues in November with the one-shots Darkhold: Wasp and Darkhold: Black Bolt. 

Darkhold: Wasp cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Five heroes - Iron Man, Blade, Wasp, Black Bolt, and Spider-Man (pre-Ben Reilly taking over for Peter) - will help Wanda Maximoff protect Earth against an invading Chthon (author of the Darkhold) by traveling to the evil entity's own dimension to take the fight to it. 

Each hero must read from the Marvel Universe's book of dark magic to survive in Chthon's world, which leads to insanity and twisted versions of themselves. The one-shots focus on what the Darkhold does to each of them. 

[WandaVision fans who the Darkhold as the book Wanda was reading from in the series last scene. We explain its comic book history what the Darkhold could mean for the MCU.]

Colorist and writer Jordie Bellaire makes her Marvel Comics writing debut alongside artist Claire Roe for the Darkhold: Wasp special. According to Marvel Wanda chose Avengers co-founder Janet Van Dyne for her "ingenuity and strength" but after reading from the Darkhold it apparently puts her entire life in question, which includes an abusive relationship with Hank Pym and a short stint as an actual Wasp, hinted at by artist Cian Tormey's Wasp "defiled design."

full Darkhold "defiled" Wasp design by Cian Tormey (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Darkhold: Black Bolt cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Then writer Mark Russell and artist David Cutler focus on the Inhumans leader Black Bolt, who can level mountains with the sonic power of just a whisper. Both a power and a curse, it seems like when he reads from the Darkhold he'll have to battle himself not to let go of his power. 

"As a writer, it's a joy to get to write a character who spends even more time inside their own head than you do," Russell says in Marvel's announcement.

Bookended by Darkhold Alpha and Omega specials, Iron Man and Blade go on sale in October and Spider-Man will presumably follow in December. 

Darkhold: Wasp goes on sale November 10 and features a cover by Paul Renaud. 

Darkhold: Black Bolt follows on November 24 with a cover by Travel Foreman.

Darkhold "defiled" Black Bolt  design by Cian Tormey (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Darkhold is one of several Marvel titles originally scheduled for 2020 that are slowly returning to Marvel's schedule and we're keeping track of their progress.  

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