The complete Pokemon Diamond and Pearl pokedex, part 1

Pokémon Name: Staravia
Type: Normal / Flying
Classification: Starling
Pokédex Number: 011 Sinnoh / 397 National
Abilities: Intimidate – Lowers the enemy's Attack when entering battle
Dream World ability: Reckless – Increases power of moves with recoil damage
Useful Attacks: Aerial Ace
Location Found:
D/P/P: Various, Evolved from Starly
HG/SS: Evolved from Starly
Black: Trade, Poke Transfer
White: Evolve Starly
Dream World: Windswept Sky

Early in their lives, young Starly shed some of their cuteness and evolve into this adolescent avian. Staravia naturally have better stats than their cuddly cousins, but as their form becomes more imposing they're able to intimidate their opponents to lower their attack power. Furthermore, Staravia can learn two Hidden Machine moves to help you navigate Sinnoh: Fly, to quickly move from town to town, and Defog, which blows away thick fog that would otherwise impede your progress.

Evolves into Staraptor at Level 34.