The Bigs: New screens and details

Of all the major sports, baseballmight just be theleast accessible as a gaming experience. Between obscure laws like the infield fly rule and knowing what pitch is best to throw in a 2-1 count, it's just not that easy to pick up and play.

That's probably what 2K Sports and Visual Concepts were thinking when they thought up The Bigs, a new baseball title that aims to be an accessible, arcade-style experience. Now we've got some new details and screenshots to share with you.

Above:Looks like they did a nice job onNomar Garciaparra's crooked nose. Definitely a good start

2K Sports promises a game that relies on "quick reflex timing and smart power-up strategies, with highlight reel moments on every play." We know what you're thinking -"Power-up strategies besides steroids and human growth hormones?" - but bear with us. The game is shirking traditional strategy by using a system where every pitch and swing can heavily affect the game's outcome. Players will make over-the-top, turbo-powered plays and ballparks have been caricaturized to exaggerate their trademarks - including Fenway Park's Green Monster being turned into an actual, well, monster.

The Bigs is slated to arrive on the 360, PS3, PSP and Wii some time this summer. To see the rest of ournew batch of screens,take a gander at the Images tab above.

April 24, 2007