The best PS4 Pro design yet is coming in late August but there will only be 50,000 of them

The best-looking PS4 Pro yet is coming out later this month, but if you want one you'll need to act fast. Sony revealed the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro on the PlayStation Blog today, a special new design for the 4K/HDR ready console and accessories made in celebration of 500 million PlayStation systems sold across 24 years in the business. It's very blue, partially translucent, a tiny bit copper, and 100-percent beautiful. As far as I can tell the consoles only have one flaw, but it's a doozy: Sony's only making 50,000 of them.

I'd gush for a while about the classy, restrained use of translucent plastic that just gives you a peek of what's going on under the hood - coming up all aglow with internal illumination from the power/status light - and the fab color combo of deep blue and shiny copper... but better to just take another look for yourself, right?

The system will retail for $499.99 / £449.99 starting on August 24, which is a good deal more expensive than a standard PS4 Pro bundle. But for the extra money you get a 2TB internal hard drive (twice as big as they typically run for Pro) and a color-matched PS4 controller, PlayStation Camera, and mono headset. So you're not just paying extra for the privilege of owning a pretty blue PS4 Pro. Though if that's your thing, you'll also be happy to know each console comes with an individually numbered copper plate on the front. 

It figures that the best-looking PS4 console since the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition, which was even more limited at just 12,300 systems (which start around $1,049 buy-it-now on eBay these days), will also be relatively hard to get a hold of. At least the equally lovely 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 controller it comes with will be sold on its own for the usual $64.99 / £54.99, and you can pick up a blue 500 Million Limited Edition Gold Wireless headset for $99.99 / £77.99. But don't sleep on those special edition accessories, either - both will also be available in limited quantities.

If you're looking for some more accessories in the meantime, check out the best deals on PS4 controllers. 

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